Our Mission
& Vision

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the delivery of healthcare and the digital infrastructure driving the treatment solution. Our software supports wellness and healthcare users' everyday tasks, allowing them to make more rapid, accurate decisions that will improve health and delivery of care. Our vision is universal access to healthcare through AI-enabled software solutions.

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What We Do

SofTx helps clients develop software solutions to improve delivery of care in the healthcare and wellness industries.

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How We Do It

We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to create digital health and medical device software with a focus on user experience.

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Why We Do It

We help our clients increase revenue while minimizing technical risk as they deliver wellness and care to their clients.

Pascal Tyrrell

Co-Founder & CEO

Pascal Tyrrell is a data scientist — a combination of research methodologist, computer/database solutions architect and innovator. He received his PhD in medical sciences from the University of Toronto working in the area of pediatric rheumatology at SickKids (Toronto, ON).

Currently, he is the Director of Data Science and Associate Professor with the Department of Medical Imaging, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto where he is also the founding director of the MiDATA Data Science program. Pascal is cross appointed to the Institute of Medical Science and the Department of Statistical Sciences where his research aims to introduce statistically sound and innovative Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning approaches to the study of medical images in health-related outcomes research.  

Pascal has previous work experience in the computer and financial industries. He was the Chief Science Officer for the medical device company AceAge Inc. and is currently the CEO and co-founder of the software startup company SofTx Innovations Inc.
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Ali Geramy

Co-Founder & COO

Ali Geramy is a software design & development leader — he is specialized in providing modern and innovative business & marketing solutions and has extensive experience working with clients. Experienced in Modern, Responsive, and Professional Design, Ali uses his design skills to develop user-friendly and impactful platforms for customers to maximize the utility and efficiency of applications.

Ali is currently the President (COO) & Co-Founder of SofTx Innovations, a software company focused on integrating artificial intelligence and user experience solutions in healthcare. He is also Head of Development (Founder) of Inspect Digital Inc, a branding & digital marketing company.

Ali effectively manages his development team with his knowledge of coding and design that allows him to understand, communicate, and relate to both back-end and front-end developers. With a background in biology (BSc), Ali has the ability to comprehend scientific methods, terminology, and procedures.
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